Tips to Avoid a Plumbing Emergency During the Holidays


Your home is likely to be filled with family, friends and delicious foods during the holidays. It is indeed a great time to feast your heart out and celebrate with your loved ones, but it can also be a particularly tough time for your plumbing and sewer lines.

With all the extra time spent in the kitchen and all the guests using the bathroom, this can put some extra stress on your plumbing system. Make sure that your plumbing is ready to handle all of your dinner parties and social gatherings.

Check out the tips below to avoid a holiday plumbing emergency.

Don’t flush anything but toilet paper

More guests mean increased number of toilet flushes. You can’t keep your guests from using the bathroom. However, you can take some preventive measures to prevent plumbing emergencies. Place trash cans in all bathrooms so guests won’t be prompted to use the toilet as garbage. Also, remind guests not to flush wet wipes, paper towels or sanitary products down the toilet.

Put trash in its place

A clogged or broken garbage disposal is extremely common during the holiday season. Your garbage disposal can only handle so much. Feed waste gradually to prevent overloading the garbage disposal. Avoid disposing things such as banana peels, pumpkin pulp, large pieces of carrots, poultry skin and oil as these can clog your garbage disposal and block the sink as well. It is also advisable to dispose of table scraps directly into the trash can.

Clear your drains

Have your drains cleaned before your guests arrive in order to make sure they’re in working order. Install a drain strainer on the showers and sinks to keep hair, food and other debris from getting stuck in the pipes.

Schedule a drain cleaning with Paradigm Plumbing to ensure your peace of mind during the holiday season.


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