How to Choose the Best Water Heaters in Boulder

drain pipe repair paradigm plumbingWater heaters in Boulder are extremely important in any home – which is why homeowners should know exactly when to install a new one before the old unit decided to take its last breath. In fact, it might be best to time replacement during home remodeling to ensure that the new unit would be able to fit well with the overall design. However, considering the difference between past and present water heaters, it isn’t surprising if most home owners are unsure about what to purchase. That being said, following are some tips on how to choose the best heaters for home improvement.

What type of heater?

There are several types of water heaters in Boulder being sold in the market today. These include tank less types, heat pump heaters or solar heaters. Decide on what type of power the heater would be running on although for better results, it might be best to choose a model capable of running on various power sources. On-demand heaters are also a good choice since they manage to conserve energy for the homeowner. Since there are so many types, it might be best to inquire sellers about the available ones, their features, drawbacks and cost.

How energy efficient is the unit?

With the current cost of electricity nowadays, it isn’t surprising that more and more people want to save on their power use. Hence, look for a unit that burns off as little energy as possible. The ultimate choice for this consideration is the solar heater which harnesses the power of the sun, hence largely cutting back on the electricity cost.

Of course, various units today come with the Energy Efficient stamp so just look for them in any unit. Check out the EF of (Energy Factor) of the model which is usually provided in the guide. The higher the rating, the better would its capacity in saving energy would be.

What is the first hour rating (FHR)?

The FHR is also provided in the user guide of the unit. This basically refers to the capacity of the heater to provide hot water even if the demand for water in the household is at its peak. For example, if there are two bathrooms and all of them are being used, how efficient would the unit be in providing hot liquid to the users? Estimate the amount and look for an FHR near the amount. For those who are thinking about expanding their home, make room for a bigger FHR to avoid purchasing a new one in case of expansion.

Keep in mind that cheap water heaters in Boulder are usually the ones that burn off more energy. Hence, try to find the most expensive one within budget and be assured of expense savings for the future day. Don’t forget to hire a professional to assess the general plumbing of the place for maximum usage. As much as possible try to get the input of professionals or someone knowledgeable in the task. This would make it easier in the long run as well as get informed data about the project.

Common Plumbing Repairs in Boulder County

16 OTIxMDUwNDc1OC5qcGc=Plumbing repairs in Boulder are common household projects sometimes done by the homeowner himself if it was only a minor one such as replacement of a faucet gasket, or done by a professional company for a major job such as cleaning a clogged drain.

Notice any leak under the kitchen sink lately? This certainly needs repair as you cannot allow such a defect to go unnoticed. The kitchen should be kept hygienic at all times since this is where meals are prepared. A leak detected, however small, should be fixed at the first instance it is discovered. Although sealants may be available for a quick fix, you will have to observe the sink. If the same issue has occurred several times, then it may need a new water trap that a plumbing company can install.

Plumbing repairs in Boulder also involve finding leaks to water piping in and around the house. More common leaks occur in pipes exposed to outside weather and activity, such as the garden. These leaks can swiftly become big so it is best to have the pipes replaced and protected once installed.

Although it may be a nightmare to see that your toilet does not flush down waste, it may be an indication of a problem with your septic tank. For a problem such as this, a consultation with a plumbing company specializing in septic tank cleaning is inevitable. An analysis of the problem will help them determine the best course of action to take. To clean the septic tank is not really a complicated task to implement but it may take time. If this is your case, your options are best discussed with your local plumbing company.

Tackling problems of natural gas pipes are part of Plumbing repairs in Boulder. To ensure safety, most of these pipes are not repaired but replaced. This is to ensure that the same leak does not recur. As gas is flammable, this delicate issue should not be overlooked. So if any leak is suspected at all, a call to your plumbing company for help is a necessity.

Does Plumbing repairs always refer to fixing a problem? Not necessarily. Sometimes, it can mean reinstallation of existing pipes. For example, a kitchen or a bathroom remodel will typically include the repositioning of items. If the sink or the tub are put in a different area in the kitchen or bathroom, existing pipes will have to be relocated or perhaps new ones will have to be installed to lengthen the piping system to adjust to the remodel.

Moreover, if you are renovating your garden, then you may find yourself needing to install new plumbing for water spray systems and for the drainage of rain water. This can be done by a plumbing company in your area. Plumbing repairs will always be as common as water. But they need not be for a major problem always. In fact, it is best to have only minor ones since a major repair typically means a minor problem left to itself and ignored.

Why you Should Go Tankless with your Firestone, CO Water Heater

Tankless water heaterIf you’ve begun to notice a stark increase in your heating bills when it comes to your water, or you are constantly running out of hot water when you seem to need it most, it may be time to switch to a Firestone tankless water heater.  These units are especially popular for families that are constantly struggling when it comes to having enough hot water for everyone to take a shower, as this allows everyone access to unlimited hot water without having to wait for a tank to refill.  Traditional hot water heaters can be a serious pain, resulting in long household queues and irritating interruptions to the flow of hot water.

Switching to a tankless heater is an approach many home owners in the Firestone, CO area have begun adopting, as it offers access to hot water whenever you need it most.  In addition to providing instant hot water, it also can end up reducing your monthly energy costs.  Traditional water heaters work by pre-heating the water and maintaining it at that temperature; the latent energy costs of these systems adds up over time, and a tankless heater completely eliminates this need.

There are a variety of advantages with these units that home owners should take into consideration when determining if a tankless heater is right for them:

  • Lower Energy Costs: These units have less overhead than traditional water heaters and will save you money in the long run! You might see savings of up to 20%!
  • Greenhouse Gass:  If you install an electric tankless water heater, it will not produce any greenhouse gasses.  This means that switching to tankless will reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Tax Rebates:  Some tankless units come with federal tax rebates due to their lower energy usage.
  • Instant Hot Water: Enjoy hot water whenever you need it, on your terms!
  • Long Lifespan: These units last an especially long time, and are exceptionally reliable. They tend to last 10 years longer than tank heaters.
  • No risk of flooding: Unlike tank heaters, a tankless heater isn’t storing water, so there is no flooding risk associated with these units should anything go wrong.
  • Easy Installation:  these units do not take up much space and can be installed in small spaces, whereas a traditional unit cannot.

When it comes to your water heating, the best course of action before you decide, is to get the advice of a licensed plumber.  By turning to the experienced Firestone, CO plumbers at Paradigm Plumbing Services, you can get the advice you need, and find out if a tankless heater is well suited for the demands of your household.  While tankless heating is an attractive option, it isn’t right for every homeowner in Firestone.

Make certain to call on Paradigm Plumbing Services for your Firestone, CO water heater needs, and we will help find you the perfect solution.  Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 303-833-0655 if you have any questions, or wish to schedule an appointment.