Water Heater Maintenance from the Longmont Plumbing Experts


















Water heaters are one of those appliances we rely upon everyday. It provides you with warm baths, sparkling pots and pans and clean clothes. Unfortunately, water heaters often go unnoticed until it stops working and you wind up in a cold shower.

Very few people know that water heater has to be maintained to keep it running efficiently for a long time. A little preventive maintenance is necessary to keep the hot water flowing.

Follow this simple maintenance routine to keep your water heater running efficiently and reliably for years.

Drain the tank

Sediment buildup can clog your water lines and reduce your water heater’s efficiency. Avoid this problem by flushing the tank every 6 months to a year.

Shut off the circuit breaker, if electric and turn off the gas, if gas. Also, turn off the cold water supply. Drain about a quarter of the tank to get rid of sediments and debris. Then, connect a garden hose to the tank’s drain valve.

Next, turn on the water drain to release the water from the tank. Let the water flow for about 30 minutes to remove the sediment and dirt that has built up in the tank.

Flush the tank

Turn the water back on to remove sediments at the bottom of the tank and flush the tank with clean water. Turn of the valve once the water runs clear.

Refill the tank

Turn off the water drain at the base of the tank. Disconnect the hose from the valve. Turn on the cold water inlet to the tank and turn the power to the water heater back on.

Check the anode rod

The anode rod should be inspected and replaced every 2 years. Some pitting and corrosion are expected but if the anode rod is coated with calcium or is less than ½ inch thick, it should be replaced.