Eco-Friendly Firestone, Colorado Kitchen Remodel

contemporary-minimalist-eco-friendly-kitchen-designMany of us strive to fill our kitchen with healthy and nutritious foods. Unfortunately, many of us do not even realize that some of the things in our kitchen can cause potential hazards to our family.

If you are looking to live a greener lifestyle, then the kitchen is a great place to start. Taking small steps in going green can lead to big results over time.  You don’t necessarily have to spend a huge sum of money to design an eco-friendly kitchen. You just have to be smart about things you buy, and if possible, repurpose, re-use and recycle items from all over the house.

Follow these tips and give your kitchen a green makeover.


Most cooks prefer gas stoves because they allow for greater control as compared to electric stoves. However, this could be a problem if you or a family member is asthmatic. This is because gas stoves produce nitrogen oxide, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.

Induction cooktops are the latest in green cooking technology. It’s 90% more efficient, easy to clean and cuts cooking time in half.


Since you do a lot of standing in the kitchen, the flooring is important. Cork and natural linoleum are recommended since they are comfortable underfoot, do not emit chemical fumes and are environmentally friendly.

Energy efficient windows

Big windows are ideal since it can brighten up a dark room. That means, you don’t need to turn on the light during the day.

According to studies, indoor air is 5 times more polluted as compared to outdoor air. Open your windows for at least a few minutes a day to allow fresh air to come in.

Use a water filter

You are probably aware that there is excessive plastic waste in the world. Help reduce the amount of waste by using water filter instead of drinking bottled water. Take it a step further by bringing a bottle of water with you when you go out so you won’t be tempted to buy one when you get thirsty.