How to Handle a Clogged Toilet


Toilet clogs seem to happen at the most inappropriate time. What would you do if your toilet overflows during the holidays and you’re about to host a dinner party? Your first instinct would be to call the plumber and have it repaired before your guests arrive. Considering that plumbing emergencies are common during the holidays, it may take a few hours before a plumber gets to your home.

In this article, we’ll show you how to fix a clogged toilet. Follow these steps and your toilet will be operating normally within a few minutes.

Stop the toilet bowl from filling up

If you notice the water isn’t going down, don’t flush again. The more you flush, the more water is added to the tank.

If you’re worried that your flush has a good chance of turning into a flood, you want to take the lid off the tank and close the toilet flapper. Don’t forget to turn off the water supply to the toilet to stop more water from entering the bowl.

Use a plunger

You only need one special tool to clear the obstruction – a plunger. Run the plunger under hot water before using it because stiff, hard plungers don’t work well.

Pump the plunger a few times over the hole. Make sure it completely covers the mouth of the hole at the bottom of the toilet. Keep enough water in the bowl so the plunger stays covered. You know you’ve successfully unclogged it if the water clears from the toilet. Continue plunging until you’ve cleared the clog.

Switch to a plumbing auger

If the plunger seems ineffective despite your repeated tries, you might want to switch to a plumbing auger.  Simply snake the cable right through the throat of the toilet. Give the auger a little extra tension once it approaches the clog. The auger will either hook on the clog or break it up. Flush the toilet once the water has drained.



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