How to Fix a Running Toilet

paradigm_8.4If your toilet is running, you’re wasting gallons of water every day. Even worse, it’s making that noise that’s keeping you up at night. Fortunately, putting a stop to a constantly running toilet is actually an easy job that does not require the assistance of a plumber.

Let’s get your toilet fixed and stop your water bill from skyrocketing. Here are some tips on how to put an end on the water waste and the annoyance.

Get to know what’s in your toilet

Lift the cover of the tank to see what’s inside the toilet. Toilets haven’t changed that much in the last 80 years. So whether you have a new or an old toilet, chances are you’ll see the same things inside the tank. Flush the toilet a couple of time to see how it works. Poke around and see if you can identify the most likely problem.

Check your float

The float will either be a rubber ball at the end of a long arm or a close cup that encircles a tall tube. This piece shuts water off once it reaches a specified height. If water continues running despite reaching the shutoff height, then you need to lower the float.

Most toilets have a marking that indicates the water fill line. Make sure that the float is not set above the level of the overflow tube.

Close the flapper

If the tank is not filling, then the flapper is probably stuck open. Reach in and try to close it. When you hear running water stop, you know that the flapper isn’t seating properly. If it opens once again, then check what’s causing the problem.

Is the chain too short? Is the chain catching on something? A chain that is too long has increased chances of tangling. Meanwhile, a chain that is too short won’t allow the flapper to close.