Big Ideas for Small Bathrooms in Boulder County

Unless you live in a mansion with a luxurious bath and dressing room, you probably wish your bathroom were larger.

10-Big-Ideas-for-Small-BathroomsIf you’re stuck with a small bathroom, do not despair. There are a few ways to open it up without tearing down the walls. Follow the tips below to make your small bathroom look and feel bigger, even if it’s just the same size.

Mirrors can help

Mirrors can create the illusion of more room. Mirrors that reach almost to the ceiling are the most effective at creating this illusion.

White on white

Make a big splash in a pint size bath with a white bathroom – sparse white walls, gleaming white tiles and white fixtures. White opens up space and reflects light, making your bathroom look and feel bigger even if it’s just the size of an airplane bathroom.

Skip the shower door

Old home bathrooms average about 5×8 feet. With tight conditions such as this, you might want to skip the shower door and get a shower curtain instead. This will not only free up much needed space, it will also do a great job of keeping most of the water in the shower.

Brighten up the room

Windows are a great way to let natural light in the room, making it look larger. You should not cover them up with opaque curtains. Of course, privacy is important in the bathroom. Invest on sheer curtains and frosted windows to keep you from prying eyes.

Install a corner sink

A vanity cabinet provides storage under a sink, but it can take up a lot of floor space in a small bath. In this case, installing a corner sink would be a much better option. Corners provide extra inches, allowing you to make use of all available space. Your bath will definitely feel more open.