Things to Do Before Finishing Your Basement


Your basement is a space with lots of possibilities. It can be transformed into any imaginable setting – laundry room, family room, extra bedroom, gym, home office etc.

A finished basement is a great addition to any home. It provides that extra bit of living space and enhances the value of your home. But there are a few important things you should think about first. Be sure to read these tips before you get started on your project.

Dry it up

Eliminating water problems is expensive and time consuming, but you have to address this issue first before you start any remodeling. Moisture can impact floors and basement walls, causing dampness. The last thing you want is a moldy basement after spending thousands of dollars. Do not start the project until you’re sure that your basement is dry and protected.

Know the code

As with any other home improvement projects, basement remodeling will require a permit. Check first with your local municipality about building codes before you begin. It is also best to find out what their process entails and how long it would take to secure a permit. Since plumbing and electrical work is expected, you must learn about licensing and permit request.

Have an escape route

Where possible, plan for doors and windows. The windows in a finished basement should be close enough to the ground to reach and big enough to climb out of. These windows do not only provide an easy-access escape routes in case of emergency, they also let in loads of light.

Test for Radon

Radon is a colorless, odorless radioactive gas that can pose a threat to your family’s health. In fact, it is attributed to more than 20,000 lung cancer cases in the United States every year.

While radon is often found in above-ground living areas, it can enter your home through gaps and cracks in walls and floors. We recommend that you run a radon test if you are planning to finish your basement.



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Things You Should Know Before Finishing Your Basement in Firestone, CO

When you bought that house, you probably saw all that empty space down there, practically begging you to transform it into a more functional space. Aside from adding more usable space to your home, a finished basement can increase your home’s resale value.

If you are looking for way to add appeal and value to your home, finishing your basement might be a good idea. Make sure you consider these elements before finishing your basement.


If you have water or moisture coming through the slab or foundation, we suggest that you find the source and address the issue first before finishing the basement. Covering up the problem is not recommended as it may lead to a bigger, costly problem such as mold.

Plan your exit

Many building codes require a second way to exit the basement. Most people would install an egress window that is big enough to allow a person to jump out of the window in case of emergency. A big window does not only provide you with an easy access escape route, it also allows natural light in. But be sure that the surrounding walls can take on the increased structure load before creating any new windows or doors.

Let there be light

Because of the low ceiling and small windows, the basement is one of the darkest areas of the house. If you want people to hang out, then you’ll need good lighting. Get more natural light by adding or enlarging basement windows.

TV viewing area should be placed in a darker spot to reduce glare; while the main socializing area should be placed in a spot that gets the best natural light.


Finishing a basement can be a good investment. In fact, it can yield a return on investment of up to 70% at resale. But before you start, you need to create a budget in order to determine how much money you’ll need for this project.