Tips for Designing a Fully Functional Outdoor Kitchen in Longmont

Outdoor kitchens are a hot segment in many parts of the country. Each year, more and more people are transforming their backyard into elaborate extensions of their home.  A well designed outdoor kitchen provides you the opportunity to cook, eat and spend time with family and friends outdoors.

If you are designing an outdoor kitchen or looking for ideas on how to improve your existing outdoor kitchen, get started with some of our ideas on how to create an open-air cooking area.

Locate your outdoor kitchen near your indoor kitchen

Location is the key to an outdoor kitchen that is functional and well integrated into your yard or deck.  The most functional outdoor kitchens are the ones that have direct access to the kitchen. This will help you move the food back and for the quickly, and if you need something, you know it’s close by.

Plan your space

Make sure your outdoor kitchen has all the essential spaces such as prep, cook, serve and clean. This way, it will be easier for you to do all the work outside. You should also consider the placement of your dining area. It should be near the grill, but not too close that the smoke wafts over the dining area.

Figure out what appliances are important to you

Consider what you want in your outdoor kitchen. If your design is like most kitchens, then you’ll probably need a grill (both charcoal and gas), a small refrigerator and a small sink. Select low-maintenance equipment and materials that can withstand the rigors of an outdoor kitchen.

Make your outdoor kitchen comfortable

With warm weather beckoning us outside, outdoor cooking can take place any time of the day. Build a tall roof over your outdoor kitchen so you can cook, eat, relax and entertain while enjoying the outdoor weather.